61+ Insult SMS & Messages In Hindi For Girlfriend

Insult SMS & Messages:- Do you all want to tease your friends, love, and any other person? Are you looking for the best insult SMS and messages on all the internet? And you have failed in that if your answer is yes, then I have you in our website Insult Sms In Hindi For Girlfriend, Insult Messages For Girlfriend The collection is lying. Scroll down and search for insult SMS and messages collection in Hindi according to what you are looking for.

Some insult sms are abuse sms, rudeness sms, affront sms, disgrace sms, dishonor sms, letdown sms, shame sms, contempt sms, disregard sms etc. If you have certain Insult SMS messages which are not here then please send it to us and we will display it. Check this page again for new Insult SMS messages because we retain on updating this page.

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Best Insult Sms
Best Insult Sms

Ladko Ki Insult Shayari

A grammar freak girl

A grammar freak girl to her boyfriend

” You are as useless as.

”AY” in ”OKAY” 😛

Height Of Insult
Height Of Insult…
YOU swipe the ATM Card and ATM Machine shows this message


Sign you were born under

I know what sign you were born under…’RED LIGHT DISTRICT’

Special Effort Today

Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today.

Insult Sms in English

But it really works

I don’t know what makes you so dumb but it really works.

Learn from your parents

You should learn from your parents mistakes – Try using some birth control.

When u feel sad
When u feel sad?
To cheer up just go to the mirror and say?
Damn I am really so cute?
U will overcome your sadness.
But don’t make this a habit?
Coz liars go to hell !!!!

Hi, How r u?
Are u free Tomorrow?
Can u come to me, Bcoz Tomorow we r Opening a New
Admission Free, Special offer 4 u?

Insult Messages For Girl

Have u seen a monkey wrapped in plastic?
Quickly see your driving license.

Press Down if u think u r MAD.
I can’t Believe u Did That!
For God Sake! LORD!!
Why u Still Doing it?
Truth is out now!

Insult Sms For Girlfriend

Lost in a zoo I saw many animals..
haila…! U 2

U r Ultimate
U r Lovely
U r Likable
U r Unique
In short ……
U r ULLU !!!

From Moon to Sun, From Jan To Dec,
From birth till my death, my feelings for u
have never changed.
For me, you’ve always been
a headache

If someone ask me What is Meant by life
I would Sit Next to My Friends
Pul them Close togethr
Put My Arms around them & Say Proudly
“These IDIOTS are My Life” so proud to be idiots..

Do u want to go to USA
Here?s a chance for u
Mr Obama iz waiting for u
To be in white house
Get ready
He?s in search of a dog
For his daughter!

Scientists all over da world r wondering
how long a human being can live without brain.
Please tell them ur right age.

Have you seen a monkey wrapped in plastic?
Quickly see your driving license.

Yr network tariff has changed!
Call charges r now calculated according 2 brain size.
Da smaller da cheaper!
Congradz yu can make free calls! lolz

2 devils came in 2 my dreams.
They said we want 2 disturb sum nice personz.
I suggest them yr name.
They said we can’t disturb our bossss.

U have to do 2 things early in the morning…
1st. pray to God so that u can live….
2nd.take a bath so that others can live….

Insult Sms In Hindi For Girlfriend

Dil sy bolon ek baat mein sachiii.!
Hum Tum ek raftaar kay panchiii.!
Dostee yh hamaree ho gee na kabhee kuchiii.!
Tayri photo sy to mayri negative hee Achiii.

Agr Anupam Kheer Don hota to dialouge kyaa hota?
Mere sar par baal aanay ka intizaar tou 11 shehron ke naayee kar rahy hain,
par mayry sir pr baal aanaa mushkil hee naee naa mumkin hy…

Kabhi hosla bhi azmana chahiye, buray waqt may muskurana chahiye…
Jab satvay din may khujli ho to athvay din naha lena chahiye..

Insult Messages For Girlfriend in Hindi

Jb TuM Iss Duniya Say Jaoge
Aur Dur Kahin Ek Naya JanaM Paoge,
Is Baar Jo Hua So Hua,
Agli Baar 1 LaMbi Poonch
Aur 4 Tangain Paoge

Ap jeet chuke hen 50Laakh Ab 1crore 1jawab ki duri pa?

Arz kiya hai…
tuhaar chehraa moti samaan,
tuhaar chehraa moti samaan,
moti hamaar kutte ka naam.

Kyu mera dil dukhate ho

Kyu mera dil dukhate ho..

kyu mujse har baat chupate ho..

mera to dil hi tut gaya ye sunkar ki aap..

gore hone k liye VIM BAR se nahate ho…

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