Valentines Week List 2020 Day & Dates, Along with Anti-Valentine Day

Happy Valentines Week List 2020: Get all the Complete Details on Valentine’s day Week list of 2020 with names and dates. As in this Post, we will be providing our readers of Happy Valentine Day SMS 2020 with the Complete Valentines Week List Days and Names of 2020.

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Valentines day week list

Valentine’s Day Week List 2020

With the Year 2016 going by a new an exciting year of 2020 is going to start with all the Events to celebrate. And Valentines Day being one of the most prominent and one of the most widely celebrated events in a year.
Now most of the people think that Valentines Day is a Single day event but in actual reality, it is a 2-week long celebration where the First 7 Days before the Valentines Day is a Valentines Days and the other half after the 14th of February is the Anti-Valentine Week.

So you can actually celebrate Valentines Day for a whole 2 weeks if you know the right day to celebrate it. The Front 7 Days of the Week of Valentines Day consists of Kiss Day, Teddy Day, Propose Day etc., whereas the other 7 Days of the Week after Valentines Day consist of Slap Day, Kick Day, BreakUp Day etc.

Now we will be providing the Complete list of Days in both the Weeks of Valentine’s Day with Names and dates. So stay tune and just scroll down the Article below.

Valentine’s Week List 2020 With Names & Dates:

Happy valentines week list 2020

We can divide the Happy Valentine’s Week List 2020 into the First part of Valentines Week and then the Second into an Anti-Valentines Week.

Valentines Week List 2020

  • Rose Day : 7th February 2020, Tuesday
  • Propose Day : 8th February 2020, Wednesday
  • Chocolate Day : 9th February 2020, Thursday
  • Teddy Day : 10th February 2020, Friday
  • Promise Day: 11th February, Saturday
  • Hug Day : 12th February, Sunday
  • Kiss Day : 13th February, Monday
  • Valentine’s Day : 14th February, Tuesday

Anti-Valentines Week List 2020

Anti valentines day week list 2020
  1. Slap Day : 15th February, Wednesday
  2. Kick Day : 16th February, Thursday
  3. Perfume Day : 17th February, Friday
  4. Flirting Day : 18th February, Saturday
  5. Confession Day : 19th February, Sunday
  6. Missing Day : 20th February, Monday
  7. Break Up Day : 21th February, Tuesday

So the above are the Complete list of Happy Valentines Day 2020 Week List with Names and dates. And I hope you loved the stuff and found it helpful.

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