31+ Rain sms or Barish Sms or Rainy Day Messages

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Rain sms

Rain sms | Barish Messages

Aaj barish me

Aaj barish me tumhare sang nahana hai,
Sapna ye mera kitna suhana hai,
Barish ke katre jo tere honthon pe gire,
Un katron ko apne honton se uthana hai ;->

Glory of the day

Glory of the day, soundless and restrain,
With dark clouds, and blessings of rains.Clouds on way, the splashing of drops,
Cheers of birds, whispers of waves with fame.Now soothing of rain, with rainbow’s name,
Praising in a way, this is blessed in all ways.(HAPPY RAINS)…

Dance in the Rain

A n y o n e
W h o
S a y s
B r i n g s
H a p p i n e s s
H a s
N e v e r
D a n c e d
I n
T h e
R A I N … (:

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The rain falls because

The rain falls because the sky
Can no longer handle its heaviness,
Just like the tears,
It falls because the
Heart can no
Longer handle the pain.

Dhoop mein barish

Maine us se poochha kya dhoop mein barish hoti hai,
Yeh sun kar wo hansne lagi,
Aur hanste hanste rone lagi,
Phir dhoop mein barish hone lagi.

Barish Sms

Ab ke sawan mein

Ab ke sawan mein paani barsa bohat,
Paani ki har boond mein wo aaye yaad bohat.
Is suhaane mausam mein saath nahi tha koi,
Baadlon ke saath in aankhon se paani baha bohat.

Every Rain Drop Would b One Of Your Smile
I Wish That It Rains Heavily Through Out
So That
There’s No Space For Tears Your Life
HaPpY rAiNy DaWn

Besan ki roti
Lemo ka achaar
Doston ki khushi
Apnon ka pyar
Sawan ki rain
Kisi ka intezar
Mubark ho aapko
Barish ki bahar
/ / / /
/ / /
/ /
Happy Rainy Day!!

It must have been a rainy day when you were born,
But it wasn’t really rain,
The sky was crying because it lost his most beautifull angel…
Happy Rainy Day . . . :->

When heart dances. . .
When heart dances…
Mind gets rock…
Seem everything in the world happy…
Find ur Lord is happy & giviing u d gift of …[Winter Rain Fall]

Aj barish main tary sang nahana hay
Sapna yah mara sadioon purana hay
Barish ka qatra jo tujh par giry
Us qatray ko apny hantoon say lagana hay.

.’ /.’ /.’ /.’ /.’ /.’ /.’
/.’ /.’ /.’ /.’ /.’ /.’ /.’

/——-| ,-“”-,
||[]| ‘) (‘__
@ |
/ | \,|
Hapy rainy season!!

Rain is not only drops of water.
It is the LOVE of sky 4 earth.
They never meet each other but send LOVE this way.
Enjoy the LOVE of nature.


Promise me we R true friends:
I’m lamp, U’r light.
I’m coke, U’r Sprite.
I’m (sawan)rain, U’r badal.
I’m normal, U’r pagal.

If u wanna know how much i miss u,
Try to catch rain drops,
The ones u catch is how much u miss me,
And the other u miss is how much i miss.

If I could pull down the rainbow
I would write UR name with it &
put it back in the sky
2 let everybody know
how colorful my life is with a friend like U!!

The Taste Of Oranges

The Walk In Frost
The Golden Sunlight
The Beauty Of Autumn Colors
The Magic Of Wet Red Leaves
Happy first rain of winter

Aaj badal kalay gehray hain
aaj chand pay lakhon pehray hain
Kuch tukray tumhari yaadon k
bari dair say dil mein thehray hain…

Rainy Day Message | Romantic Barish Shayari For Girlfriend

Aaj halki halki baarish hay,
aaj sard hawa ka raqs bhi hay,
Aaj phool bhi nikhray nikhray hain,
aaj un main tumhara aks bhi hay,

The day is cold and dark and dreary
It rains and the wind is never weary
The vine still clings to the mouldering wall
But at every gust the dead leaves fall
And the day is dark and dreary.

I feel so complete when I’m in da rain
I feel no sorrow I feel no pain
I may give me a cold but I don’t care
There’s a calming sensation from grass to air
da feeling of love I don’t have, I will gain
Because my heart falls open as I stand in da rain.

Barishon ke mosam main
Tum ko yaad karney ki
Aadatien purani hain
Ab ki bar socha hai
Aadatien badal dalain
Phir khayal aaya ke
Aadatien badalne se
Barishen nahin ruktien

English Theory:
“I always like to walk in a rain; as no one can see my tears.
Pakistani Theory:
“Main barish main is liye chalta hon; Taa k Daaney mar jayen.

The rain may cover the sun but
we know that the sun never forgets to shine,
just like u, I may not often see u
But u always shine in my prays.

“FARAZ”ki Bharpoor kamyabi k baad Ab uski Behn “FARZANA”
In barishon sy dosti achi nhi “FARZANA”
Bura hy zamana chalo ghar ja k nahanaa.

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