51+ Best Cute Relationship Status Quotes For Him/Her

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The relationship is the sweetest thing in the world that connects two loving individuals and makes their love relationship stronger. Relationships are divided into many forms, which still exist in many ways, it can be a professional or social relationship, friendship, or even love. Some business partners carry on the connection on some of their terms.

Relationship status quotes
Relationship status quotes

If you talk about a romantic relationships, it is especially loved for another female or male person. The relationship is the best feeling in a life where lover and girlfriend share all their feelings with each other, we always want to have every happiness in life, and because of the relationship, we feel that joy but when our relationship When I break up, all our joy is over.

Relationship Status & Quotes

We have chosen for you some of the best relationship status quotes from every corner of the web, so that you do not have to work hard to find. We all know that it is not an easy task to describe the feeling of love in a relationship with another.

Short relationship status quotes
Short relationship status quotes
  • I feel addicted to you because you are like a drug that keeps me high.
  • I would not promise you a perfect relationship but I can promise you that I would always stay.
  • People are all explorers when it comes to a new city and a new love.
  • When I found a new love, I knew that I have never known it before.
  • Music sets a friendship that turns into love.
  • I wish that you would give me the most precious gift you can give, and that is your attention.
  • If you miss someone that means you love him.
  • Don’t go so far, every mile hurts like a knife.
  • Forget about Skype, send a letter, and think about the past.
  • When we are alone, we are different, when we are in a relationship and alone, that could become a problem.
  • Love is a two-way street constantly under construction.
  • Taking back your ex is like buying your crap back from your own garage sale.

Cute Relationship Status & Quotes

  1. Before you find your soul mate, you must first discover your soul.
  2. You learn more about a person at the end of a relationship than at the beginning.
  3. Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you.
  4. Never let your heart be intercepted by the one that do not love you.
  5. You would not always see someone that has the magic to make you fall in love so be contented with the one you have now.
  6. It was destiny for me to start new relationship, and it was meant to be with you, my love.
  7. There is no perfect relationship; all I want is an honest and trustworthy one.
  8. I do not want someone who sugarcoats his words, but one who is able to put me in my place.
  9. Going five hours without talking but still enjoying the company is what love really means.
  10. Whenever I am with you, I strive to become a much better person.
  11. Our goal to grow together makes us bond even stronger.
  12. There is a big difference between being in a relationship and in being just together.
  13. Let us abandon our loneliness and melt in each other’s arms for a new love to be born.

Short WhatsApp Status Quotes

Short Relationship Whatsapp Status

Music sets a friendship that turns into love.

Passion must always be present in a love that exists now.

I love being told that I am loved and I love to feel loved.

Whenever I think of you I could not suppress a smile.

I could tolerate all of life’s problems just as long as I see you smile.

I do not need a perfect life; just a happy one with you would do.

The only thing that I need to survive is your love.

You are the Aphrodite, Cleopatra, and the queen of my life.

I am glad to be inside love’s bubble with you.

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