51+ {*New*} Motivational Quotes for WhatsApp Status or DP

Motivational Quotes for WhatsApp Status: We all of us in our daily Life and Business to Work Daily Motivational needed to achieve Success and Goals. That’s all Success and Goals Achieve, our team has done proper research on the internet to provide you with the ultimate collection of Motivational Quotes. which you can use on any social networking site like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Motivational Quotes for WhatsApp Status

No more search from now, Are you a Student or colleage graduate, than this collection, see Motivational Quotes For WhatsApp DP will help you to get better Rank in your Examination and if your working any Business or Job than it will help you to Grow yourself & acheive big in life. This will help yourself engaged, over the time you can see a lot of improvement in you.

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10 Lines on Motivational Quotes for WhatsApp Status

  1. “If You Improve By 1% Every Day Within A Year You’ll Have Improved By 365%.”
  2. “If You Have More Than You Need, Simply Share It With Those Who Need It The Most.” – St. Jerome
  3. “I’M Not Perfect, I Make Mistakes, I Hurt People. But When I Say Sorry, I Mean It.”
  4. “The World Breaks Everybody, And A Short Time Later, Some Are Solid At The Broken Spots.” – Ernest Hemingway
  5. “I Choose A Lazy Person To Do A Hard Job Because A Lazy Person Will Find An Easy Way To Do It.”
  6. “Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle To Keep Your Balance, You Must Keep Moving. Never Give Up. ”
  7. “If You Can’t Fly, Then Run, If You Can’t Run, Then Walk, If You Can’t Walk, Then Crawl, In Any Case, Whatever You Do, You Have To Keep Moving Forward.”
  8. “Strength Does Not Come From Winning. Your Struggles Develop Your Strengths. When You Go Through Hardships And Decide Not To Surrender, That Is A Strength.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger
  9. “If You Trust Yourself, Then You Can Do More Than Your Think.”
  10. “Failure Is Not Falling Down But Refusing To Get Up. It’s A Part Of Success.”

Short Motivational Quotes For WhatsApp DP

  • “Great, Better, Best. Never Let It Rest. ‘Till Your Great Is Better And Your Better Is Ideal.”
  • “With A Specific End Goal To Succeed, We Must First Trust That We Can.”
  • “We Ought Not To Surrender And We Ought Not To Permit The Issue To Thrash Us.” — A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
  • “What You Do Today Can Improve Every One Of Your Tomorrows.”
  • “Take Risks In Your Life. If You Win, You Can’t Lead! If You Lose, You Can Guide! But Keep Moving, Never Give Up.”
  • “A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step. Take A Step.”
  • “If You Want To Achieve Greatness Stop Asking For Permission. Do It Yourself.”
  • “Tomorrow Is My Exam But, I Don’t Care Because A Single Sheet Of Paper Cannot Decide My Future.”
  • “Life Always Offers You A Second Chance. It’s Called Tomorrow. Never Give Up.”
  • “All The Affliction I’ve Had In My Life, Every One Of My Inconveniences And Obstructions, Have Reinforced Me. You May Not Understand It When It Happens, But Rather A Kick In The Teeth Might Be The Best Thing On The Planet For You.” – Walt Disney
  • “Not Everyone Will Understand You Or Your Goals But They Will Surely Appear On The Day Of Success.”
  • “You Are Your Master. Only You Have The Master Keys To Open The Inner Locks.”
  • “Winners Focus On Winning. Losers Focus On Winners. Always Focus On The Goal.”
  • “If You’re Absent During My Struggle Don’t Expect To Be Present During My Success.”
  • “Your Mind Is A Powerful Thing. When You Fill It With Positive Thoughts, Your Life Will Start To Change.”
  • “Every Next Level Of Your Life Will Demand A Different You. Be Ready To Face Every Situation.”
  • “Don’t Wait. The Time Will Never Be Just Right. Do Right.”
  • “Action Without Thinking And Thinking Without Action Will Give You 100% Failure.”
  • “Continuously Give A Valiant Effort. What You Plant Now, You Will Gather Later.” – Og Mandino
  • “The Difference Between Ordinary And Extraordinary Is That Little Extra.”

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