51+ Best Happy Memorial Day Poems & Quotes for Kids {Facts}

Memorial Day Poems: Thanks to everybody for landing here now you are in the great world of Happy Memorial Day 2020. Make this Memorial Day special with your Father – Brother – Friends – Family once. I know that Memorial Holiday and Military Soldiers’ Day is coming very soon. So, today we are going to share the peaceful collection of Happy Memorial Day Quotes & Poems for you!

So, let’s celebrate this Happy Memorial Day using amazing our High Quality Inspiring Quotes & Poems collection of Happy Memorial Day 2020. Send the Happy Memorial Day Poems to your Friends & Family using this collection. Because of this collection is dedicated to Best Memorial Day Poems. Also, you can send the Happy Memorial Day Poems Greeting to your Family & Friends etc.

Memorial day poems
Memorial Day Poems

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Happy Memorial Day Poems 2020

“I miss you in the morning, I miss you late at night,
But I know what you are doing Is good and just and right.

You’re always in my thoughts,I hope that you can see
I’m proud of you for serving Our country, God, and me.

And when you’re home again I won’t miss you anymore,
But I’ll always admire your courage For fighting in this war.”
Happy Memorial Day Poems!

“Lord, wrap Your arms around me In this hostile, brutal place,
Let me draw peace and comfort From Your restful, sweet embrace.

Help me do my duty To uphold what is right,
Give me strength and courage Each day and every night.

Lord, hear this soldier’s prayer To You in heaven above,
Protect me with Your power, And sustain me with Your love.”
Happy Memorial Day 2020!

“Memorial Day is a time for thanks and remembrance,

I’m grateful for knowing that I have a safe place as I wake to a new day, for the right to speak my mind, or kneel quietly in prayer… For the dreams I strive to reach, for the love I’m free to give, For the laughter shared with dearest of family and friends, a necessity to live.

For the security and peace of mind that all is safe and sound, For growing, sharing, hoping, caring. there is goodness all around us. For all of this, we’re grateful for, whisper softly or loudly sing. Their duty and their sacrifice have let our freedom ring! Memorial Day is a time for thanks and remembrance. May God bless you richly.”
Happy Memorial Day Poems for Soldiers & Military!

“In time of need their will is sure American, their freedom pure

Protect our life and liberty Unselfishly, they keep us free

Each soldier knows what is at stake The risk is grave, there’s no mistake

With pride they serve our country strong They face each foe to come along

Remember them while in your home Or where you choose to freely roam

Don’t take for granted what you see Some left this life, so it could be

To God I urge you all to pray For soldier’s brave, to face each day

We should be thankful, one and all For those who march to meet each call”
Happy Memorial Day USA Holiday!

“Brothers and Sisters at rest we never forget
The gift you give we still receive

How could you know so young that your battle
At all cost must be won

Brothers and Sisters at rest may we, in your eyes
pass your test and one day, with honor join your ranks”
Happy Memorial Day Poems Quotes!

Memorial Day Poems for Kids

“We set aside Memorial Day Each and every year
To honor those who gave their lives Defending what we hold dear.

In all the dark and deadly wars, Their graves prove and remind us,
Our brave Americans gave their all To put danger far behind us.

They made the ultimate sacrifice Fighting for the American way,
We admire them and respect them on every Memorial Day.”
Happy Memorial Day Poems Prayers!

“I believe the sage advice above should be considered by the leaders of the U.S. and its allies.

Which plunderer’s hand ransacked the pure gold statute of your dreams
in this horrendous storm?”
Happy Memorial Day Poems Greetings!

Memorial Day Quotes And Poems

“Happened today, and in the past, Sacrifice made, for ours to last.

Wives to widows, families torn, Gave their lives, for them we mourn.

Gone forever, souls are lost, Freedom comes, with this cost.

Enjoy the life, they did preserve, Fate they suffered, did not deserve.

On this day, lest we forget, To them we owe, our life in debt.”
Happy Memorial Day Poems for Kids!

“One Nation Under God we live Think about all some had to give

We the people share freedom’s life In a world of ever present strife

Be grateful to those who keep this true Warriors of our red, white, and blue

They’re trained by those of great skill Honed to perform, so strong their will

They show what love is all about They’ll fight for us, there is no doubt

Defending bravely what we are No holding back each heartfelt star

Highly praise these men and women Giving thanks time and again

Those in uniform will always be The golden pride of this country”
Happy Memorial Day Remembrance Poems!

“We salute each and every one of you, On this very special day,
Because you served your country with so much pride, In a very special way.

So on this day we say thank you, And we’re as proud as can be,
Because you risked your life for all of us, And now we are all free!

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