21+ {*Best of*} Friendship Verses Poems

Friendship Verses Poems for Best Friends: Tired of surfing in all internet for Happy Friendship Day 2020 Poems? then, you don’t need to surf anymore. We are going to share excellent collection of Friendship Verses, Best Friendship Poems for Girlfriend or Boyfriend, Short Friendship Poems for Her/Him and Funny Friendship Poems and many more!

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Best Friendship Verses

“I’ll be there for you
Until the very end
Wiping all your tears away
Being your special friend

I’ll listen while you talk
I’ll encourage you too
I’ll smile when you’re smiling
And feel all the ache you do

You’re my best friend
And I care a lot for you
All the tears you shed
I’ll cry the same amount too!”

Friendship Day Poems for Girlfriend – Boyfriend

“Being friends is about sharing our lives with others. There are some aspects of our lives that require that we spend a lot of time together or a lot of writing to help convey our feelings. Other times sharing only a few words are more than adequate. It is not always the long conversation that conveys the deepest feelings. Sometimes, longer modes of expression may seem redundant and lacking in profundity. Putting just the right combination of words on paper in a succinct style may just hit the spot.”

Friend Poems for Best Friends

Do not, then, in idle pleasure
Trifle with another’s fame;
Guard it as a valued treasure,
Sacred as your own good name.

“Should you feel inclined to censure
Faults you may in others view,
Ask your own heart, before you venture,
If you have not some failings too.

Do not form opinions blindly;
Hastiness to trouble tends;
Those of whom we thought unkindly
Often become our warmest friends.”

Let not friendly vows be broken;
Rather strive a friend to gain.
Many words in anger spoken
Find their passage home again.

“I’m not sure when it happened
But I’m very glad it did
You came into my life
When I really needed a friend

I promise to always be here
Forever and to the end
You are the true definition
of my very best friend!”

The more I get to know you
The more I know myself
And this is why I’m thankful
For you are just yourself

You and I are different
But in many ways the same
Your good ear and tender heart
Will always find you fame

Friendship Day Poems for Her/Him

You mean the world to me,
I hope the same with you,
You’re always helping me,
whatever it takes you’ll do.

Now that we’re growing older,
changing our ways,
I know we won’t lose our friendship-
I hope I never see that day.

So to every one of my friends,
you mean the world to me,
Friends we are,
forever friends we’ll be!”

“Friends we are,
forever friends we’ll be,
Wherever we are,
you’re right beside me.

Heaven sends a gift each morn,
of a bright new day to spend,
What a joy it is to share it with,
God’s greatest gift. A Friend!”

I hope we stay friends
’til the end of time,
And whenever that is,
our friendship will still shine.

Poems About Friendship Day

“As we walk our path of life,
We meet people everyday.
Most are simply met by chance.
But, some are sent our way.

These become special friends
Whose bond we can’t explain;
The ones who understand us
And share ur joy and pain.

Their love cotains no boundaries.
So, even when we are apart.
Their presence enhances us
With a warmth felt in the heart.

This love becomes a passageway,
When even the miles disappear.
These friends, God sends our way,
Remain forever near.”

“When the roses lose their fragrance,
and the world seems at an end,
When the day has lost its gladness,
what a blessing is a Friend.

One who takes you as she finds you,
caring not who is to blame,
One who knows all your shorcomings,
but who loves you just the same.

Friendship Day Poems for Kids

An ear to listen to your hopes and your dreams,
A voice of moderation when you’ve gone to extremes.

A shoulder to cry on when times are rough,
An encouraging word when you don’t feel good enough.

Someone to share the good and the bad,
I will be the worlds best friend you ever had!”

“Whenever you need me I’ll be there.
I want you to know that I truly care.

When life knocks you down on your knees,
I’ll be at your side just as fast as you please.

Short Friendship Poems in English

Funny Friendship Poems for Facebook
“You gave me words of kindness
Tied with a ribbon of gold,
Hearing them was important
To heal my heart and soul

Your gift of words made a difference
When I was down and blue,
Questioning why I bother,
Doing what I do.

“Friendship is one of life’s greatest treasures. Friends that are loyal are always there to make you laugh when you are down, they are not afraid to help you avoid mistakes and they look out for your best interest. This kind of friend can be hard to find, but they offer a friendship that will last a lifetime. Other friends may not be quite as loving. The pain caused by a friendship marred by betrayal is not easy to overcome. In fact, many poems find their inspiration from the joy brought about by a loving friendship or the pain caused by a failed friendship.”

Kind words and time are needed
By people everywhere,
When wrapped with a smile or a hug
They’re a gift that says I care!”
Best Friendship Day Poems for Her – Him

“A pen without an ink,
Flamingo without colour pink,
A stone that doesn’t sink,
An eye which doesn’t blink,
This is how mine and your link.

Life can be a challenge
Sometimes it seems unfair,
But when I was tired and struggling
It helped that you were there.

What can I give you in return
Your friendship is so dear,
Please know if you ever need me
I will always be here.

Ice-cream which is not cold,
A soldier who is not bold,
Good manners which are not told,
A man who is never ever scold,
This is how mine and yours bond.

“Dear friend I can’t explain to you
How much you mean to me
If it weren’t for you I can’t imagine
Where I’d even be

A never sailed ship,
A straw to drink never sipped,
A never enjoyed trip,
A winner who never yipped,
This is how mine and your Friendship.”

You kept me up when I was down
And I was feeling blue
You helped me turn my life around
And become somebody new

You’ve made me laugh and smile
More than I can bear
You’ve helped me through the hardest times
When I was in despair

Thank you friend for everything
I’m glad you really cared
Thanks for never leaving me
Thanks for being there!”

“You’ve been there for me
through the good times and bad
I know I can count on you
to be there when I’m sad

Life without you
just wouldn’t be right
I wouldn’t be able to get through
each day and night

When I’ve had a bad day
I know that you’re only a call away
When life takes that crazy turn
You are always there to help me learn

You’re my idol, my sister, my friend
We’ll be together till the end
Even when we’re old and gray
You’ll be here still,
to help me get on my way!”

“My best friend has gone away
No more will we laugh and play
No more games and whispered secrets shared
No more comfort knowing she cared

We’ve had so many good times together
I know we’ll be best friends forever
No matter where we are
I know we’ll never be too far

My best friend is dead and gone
Never again to tag along
With me to the park or mall
Or have a sleepover or do anything at all

In a note written down, then sent by fire and flame,
In a bottle on the sea, or a gift by her grave
Or perhaps I will whisper it, and send it on a prayer
And imagine her reading it and knowing I care

I wish that I could have said goodbye
Told her I would miss her; somehow I must try
I have so much left to say
I know! I will write my goodbye and send it her way

“There’s lots of things with which I’m blessed,
My problems have been few,
But of all, this one’s the best:
To have a friend like you

In times of trouble friends will say,
“Just ask, I’ll help you through it.”
But you don’t wait for me to ask,
You just get up and do it!

And I can think of nothing more
That I could wisely do,
Than know a friend, and be a friend,
And have a friend like you!”

“They’re the few people who accept silence over conversation
A relationship like this denies silly promises and persuasion
You don’t feel the need to second guess thoughts or measure words
Their love comes in wholes, not halves, not thirds
They’re the ones that guide you through when fate takes a turn
Fights, small and large, end in forgiveness, never a burn
You forget about first impressions and the feelings they brought
You’re grateful for who they are and you forgive ’em for what they’re not!”

My best friend has died, nothing that can change.
But at least now I have said goodbye
Farewell, dear friend; I will hold your memory in my heart
So as long as I live, we are never truly apart.”
“May my friendships always be
The most important thing to me;

With special friends I feel I’m blessed,
So let me give my very best.

I’ll try all that a friend can do
To make their secret dreams come true.

Let me use my heart to see,
To realize what friends can be,

And make no judgments from afar,
But love my friends the way they are.”

“You are my best friend, you belong in my heart,
We go through ups and downs, but still nothing can tear us apart.
I know you as a sister, and I will always care,
Love, respect, and trust are the things we share.

I want to do much more than share
The hopes and plans of friends who care;

My friendship with you is special and true,
When we are together, we stick like glue.
When I’m in the darkness that need some light,
When you’re by my side, I know things are all right.

I know you as a person, I especially know you as a friend,
Our friendship is something that will never end.
Right now, this second, this minute, this day,
Our sisterhood is here, is here to stay.

Our friendship is so strong, it breaks down bars,
Our friendship is also bright, like the sun and the stars.
If we were in a competition for friendships, we would get a gold,
Because responsibility and cleverness are the keys we hold.

“A friend is one who stands to share
Your every touch of grief and care
He comes by chance, but stays by choice
Your praises he is quick to voice

No grievous fault or passing whim
Can make an enemy of him
And though your need be great or small
His strength is yours throughout it all

I met you as a stranger, took you as a friend,
I hope our long friendship will never end.
Our friendship is like a magnet, it pulls us together,
Because no matter where we are, our friendship will last forever!”

There is no wish your tongue can tell
But what it is your friend’s as well
The life of him who has a friend
Is double-guarded to the end.”

We sing along to silly songs.
I always like what you put on.
It seems to me that we were meant for each other.
However, I’m scared you’ll find another.

You’ll find another who steals your heart,
And I’ll be left alone in the dark.
This roller coaster never ends.
With me you find only a friend.”

No matter where your path may turn
Your welfare is his chief concern
No matter what your dream may be
He prays your triumph soon to see

“I often find myself staring into your eyes,
And to no surprise, I’m hypnotized.
You look at me like I’m special.
So why do you think it would be a hassle?

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