Chocolate Day SMS Message & Wishes in Hindi & English For Girlfriend

If you are searching for a Chocolate Day SMS & Message which you can send on this Chocolate Day then you are at right place. Here you can find many Heart Touching Chocolate Day SMS and Chocolate Day Messages in Hindi & English.

These are exclusive Chocolate Day Wishes, Chocolate Day Special Sms and you can send to any individual or friends to make this day special. It will be Chocolate Day after Propose Day. We trust you will propose anybody today, this is the best time to express your love.

Its a wonderful opportunity to please him/her by giving her chocolates with lovely messages. On this day, lets begin by sending Chocolates Day SMS for girlfriend. Hope you enjoy the list, share it with your friends and colleagues. Happy Chocolates Day!!

Chocolate Day Sms In English

Life is like a chocolate box

Chocolate Day SMS
Chocolate Day SMS

Life is like a chocolate box,
Each chocolate is like a portion of life,
Some are crunchy, some r nutty,
Some r soft, but all r DELICIOUS.
Enjoy Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day Special Sms

Love is like swallowing hot chocolate

“Love is like swallowing hot chocolate before it has cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time.”
Happy Chocolate Day

Reply is must

Today is chocolate day,
Dairy milk 4 love,
Perk for friends,
Kit Kat for best friends,
Polo for hatred,
And mentos for cool persons,
what do you choose 4 me,
Reply is must….

Good Morning SMS

Chocolate Message

This is a chocolate message,
For a dairy milk person,
From a five star friend,
For a melody reason,
And a kitkat time,
On a munch day,
In a perk mood to say,
Happy Chocolate Day..

Chocolate Day Sms For Girlfriend

Lovely chocolate and Lovely you

Lovely chocolate and Lovely you,
N Lovely are the things U do,
But the loveliest is d friendship of the 2,
One is Me & Other is you!
“Happy Chocolate Day”

Chocolate Day Sms In Hindi

  • चॉकलेट डे आया है तेरी याद लाया है.. आ जाओ आज दिल ने तुझे फिर बुलाया है… ऐ जाने तमन्ना तुझे मनाने के लिए मैने…चॉकलेट का पूरा डिब्बा मंगवाया है।
  • बिन पुकारे हमे साथ पाओगे … करो वादा की दोस्ती आप भी निभाओगे.. मतलब ये नहीं की रोज याद करना.. बस याद रखना उस वक़्त जब अकेले अकेले चॉकलेट खाओगे।
  • सनम तेरा ये मीठा सा प्यार लाया है मेरे जीवन में बहार.. इस प्यार की मिठास है एक बार…चॉकलेट डे पर करती हूँ प्यार का इज़हार।

Heart Touching Chocolate Day Sms

Dil Humara Chocolate Ki Tarah Najuk
Tum Usme Dry Fruits Ka Tadka
Life Hogi Fruit And Nut Jaisi
Agar Mill Jaye Girlfriend Tere Jaisi

Rab Kare Aapka Pyar Aise Hi
Bana Rahe Mere Liye, Jisme
Mujhe Life Ka Har Wo Taste
Mila Hai, Jo Alag Alag
Chocolates Me Hota Hai

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