Happy Birthday Wishes Sms For Girlfriend Friends in Hindi & Marathi

Birthday Wishes SMS & Message is the most ideal way to tell your companion friends or family about the special day. Now-a-day it is quite in fashion, it is the easiest way and cost-effective way to send Birthday Wishes. You need some special Happy Birthday Wishes Sms , Birthday Text Message, to wish boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, releative on his/her birthday.

Here you get decent birthday wishing sms for all age group. Experience all these birth day wishes sms & message and select your preferred best one to wish your friend or relative. We have different sort of birthday messages, Happy Birthday Wishes Sms, Happy Birthday Sms In Hindi, Happy Birthday Sms In Marathi, Happy Birthday Sms For Friend, Birthday Wishes Hindi Sms, Heart Touching Birthday Sms, Happy Birthday Sms For Girlfriend, Romantic Birthday Sms which you can’t find anyplace else. Send these cool birthday wishes sms & messages as a birthday wishes to your family, friends girlfriends or relatives and be the first to wish them happy birthday to make their day special.

Happy Birthday Wishes Sms

Birthday Wish for You

Enjoy every moment of your life
May everyday bring something new and exciting for you
May this birthday turnout to be as amazing as you!
Happy B’Day

Happy Birthday Sms For Friend

Birthday Wish For Friend or Sibling

I don’t know whether you are by better half or the worse one
But baby all I know is that your the half that makes me complete.
When you are around, I don’t seem to need anything else in the world.
Happy Birthday. May god bless you abundantly
Because a sweetheart like you deserves the best.

Happy Birthday Sms In Marathi

आयुष्यात हवं ते सारं काही मिळालं तरी या प्राप्तीचा मोहोत्सव करताना हवी असतात… काही आपली माणसं ! आपण सगळेच एकमेकांशी इतके जोडले गेलोय कि कोणतंही अंतर आपल्याला एकमेकांपासून दुरावू शकत नाही.. आजच्या या वाढदिवसानिमित्त म्हणूनच, आपल्या नात्याचं आणि या वाढदिवसाचं सेलिब्रेशन करावसं वाटतंय… Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day.

स्नेही आणि मित्रांचे प्रेम देतो

वाढदिवस येतो
स्नेही आणि मित्रांचे प्रेम देतो.
एक नवीन स्वप्न घेऊन येतो.
जीवनात आनंदाच्या क्षणांना उजाळा देतो.
आयुष्याला योग्य दिशा देतो जीवन किती सुंदर आहे हळूच सांगून जातो.

Romantic Birthday Sms

As The Dawn Breaks

As the dawn breaks into a beautiful sunrise
May these birthday wishes welcome you as you rise
May happiness abound and joys resound
As you begin your day with flowers around.
Happy Birthday

Birthday Sms For Friend

Happy Birthday To You My Friend

Birthday Sms
Birthday Sms

Best of best friends are hard to find,
But, I am glad I have mine
Happy birthday to you my friend
Stay blessed and happy this day!

Heart Touching Birthday Sms

Your Presence In My Life

Your presence in my life has lightened my dark moments,
Made my life worth living and given me magical feelings.
With all my love Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes Hindi Sms

A Sweet Birthday Wish

A sweet birthday wish from my side,
Lets go for a fun ride,
Lets dance and enjoy your day,
Coz its your special birthday!

A Formal Birthday Wish

Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires!
Here’s wishing you a day full of pleasant surprise!

Happy Birthday Sms For Girlfriend

Something More On Birthday

Wishing you more gifts to open,
More cakes to eat,
More candles to blow,
More birthdays to come…
Happy Birthday